Transforming Performance Marketing.

Lemon Ads is a growing digital marketing management company that focuses on delivering the most effective ROI to clients through carefully tailored campaigns. Here at Lemon Ads, we understand the importance of an effective marketing campaign to the success of your business. The Lemon Ads team consists of a group of hand-picked, highly-talented creatives, driven by a single goal: driving traffic that will help you succeed.

Google Campaign Planning

We offer the best solutions for creating, managing and delivering a successful and profitable Google AdWords campaign. All traffic isn’t created equal. We work on only bringing you the traffic with the highest intent to convert. At Lemon Ads we bring back lost conversions and attract brand new ones at lower costs than other channels.

Our solutions

Lemon Ads provides in depth solutions that are based on years of experience to optimize your ROI. Our all-round strategy encompasses content, media selection and ad-set marketing planning by analyzing past efforts while researching current optimization to ensure that the most relevant audience is reached for more profitable results. Our team of professionals are wellversed in PPC, CPC, CPA and many more faucets of online marketing campaigns. From Google AdWords to Facebook ads and content marketing, we help you to identify the most intelligent ways to reach and acquire set objectives, customers and earnings.

Facebook Advertisment

With over 1 billion active users daily, Facebook advertising is used by more than 90 percent of marketers. Facebook offers powerful targeting options that ensure the ability to connect with and reach your exact customer. Lemon Ads’s professional team provides the management and implementation of best practices to increase ROI while growing results.

Our goal

At Lemon Ads, we strive to give our clients the best value for their marketing spent. We provide top-tier solutions to every social media, search engine and native campaign with the objective of delivering superlative results across both private, agency and affiliate models.

What We Do

Connect with More Consumers and Earn More Money

Reach the right audience

Generate valuable impressions and engage relevant audiences for your business, products and/or services, with our ad campaign management system. Lemon Ads provides clients professional audience insights through our powerful data analytics capabilities.

Grow your ROI

Drive your advertising to deliver superlative returns and enormous ROI with our total blend of services that reduce CPC, increase CTR and EPC rates. In a bid to help our clients up ROI, we have innovated programs upon programs that halt unproductive campaigns and clicks that never convert into revenue.

Smart metrics and analytics

Lemon Ads boasts a proprietary technology that performs powerful metric and analytics on several layers of data to provide clients with the best information and strategies. Our professional team of media buyers stay up to date with current trends and will analyze your past marketing efforts and inculcate industry-best practices to hammer and exceed your very campaign objectives.

Agency and Affiliate models

Lemon Ads provides clients with the freedom to choose between agency advertisement model and affiliate one. Our professional team is well versed in both systems and will tailor the right plan for you based on your objectives and budget. It is our commitment to deliver an all-round effective campaign that builds an optimized ROI with superior traffic quality.

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